The Urgency Addiction

September is here, and it’s time to prepare to defend against that big bad thief, the Urgency Addiction.

This term, coined by Stephen Covey, refers to the need of crazed, over-loaded western persons to have a constant gush of adrenaline run through our bodies. If the old lady standing in front of us at the supermarket’s cashier is too slow in getting her money out or her groceries packed, we get filled with murderous rage. After all, she’s an obstacle to our need to run, hurry, continue with our… what exactly? Where are we running, is there really a rush?  Is another minute at the cash going to kill us?

And if, heaven forbid, things slow down a bit, we feel out of sorts. Without the adrenaline and urgency, we feel lost.

Like any addiction, the Urgency Addiction too robs us of our sanity and vitality.

So now that September’s back again, with its flurry of activity and to-do’s, pull yourself out of the addiction and into recovery mode…. breath… slow down…. nothing is that important or that urgent…. count to ten…..  take one hour at a time….

I’m sure you get the idea. Good luck!

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