The Science on Stress and Depression

Science has now proven what you may have already been thinking or experiencing, and certainly what I’ve been saying for a number of years: depression is often caused by stress.

Scientists at Canada’s own University of Western Ontario have discovered the biological link between stress, anxiety and depression. Their research identified a very specific connecting mechanism in the brain that shows exactly how stress and anxiety could lead to depression.

So here’s the bad news: stress is here to stay, and if you’re living and working in today’s Western society, there’s no escaping it. And more bad news: now science tells us that our brains are wired to leap from stress into depression.

But, wait!  There’s the goods news too. Stress is a delightfully manageable condition. There’s tons you can do to become resilient, and you can take charge right now. In a previous entry, I mapped out three overarching categoriesfor stress resilience: Proactive Strategies, Responsive Strategies and Reactive Strategies (the latter are no-no, never do `em strategies). Basically, any step you take to boost your Proactive or Responsive Resilience will have almost immediate impact on your overall well being.

And if you ask me, that’s pretty darn good news indeed.

So why wait? What can you do in THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES to become more resilient?


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