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Respectful Workplace: When Bad Things Happen in Good Organizations.

Sometimes bad things happen in good organizations. The question is, what can everyone (from the highest ‘officer’, right up to … read more

Abandon Your RUT™ Addiction.

There’s a good chance that your team members (and yes, that does include you) suffer from an undiagnosed and serious addiction. … read more

Beware of Family in the Workplace.

  Underlying beliefs can make or break a team’s culture. If you want to prevent your team’s culture from deteriorating in … read more


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Workplace Incivility: This Molehill Will Cause a Mountain of Problems.

Can those seemingly inconsequential rude or discourteous words and behaviours actually pose a risk to your business? Mirella has one … read more

Six Overlooked Tips for New Leaders.

Taking Care of Civility Should Top a Prudent New Leader’s To-Do List. (Published in Canadian HR Reporter Magazine, June 3, … read more

Trust the Canary™.

  Listen to your instincts when trouble looms – failure to act could cause more problems.   (Published in Canadian … read more


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Preventing a ‘Sticky Conversation’ from Becoming Full-Blown Battle.

You already know that when you address an interpersonal difficulty with someone, there’s a good chance that the other party … read more

Three Must-Ask Questions for Leaders Implementing Organizational Change.

It’s no secret that even the best change initiative will fail if you don’t get the ‘people side’ of things … read more

The Real Deal on What to Do When Someone Complains about Harassment.

As a leader, it’s never easy to know exactly what to do when someone approaches you with a harassment–related issue. … read more


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Wanna be Rude? Pas de Problème… Just Pay More

At La Petite Syrah Cafè in Nice, France, the price you pay for your morning coffee fix depends on your … read more

The Art of a Good Revenge

It ain’t pretty but it’s true: when people velcro themselves onto en experience where they feel they were treated in … read more

“Why Should I Bother Saying Hello?”

Participants in our workplace incivility workshops sometimes say: “why should I say hello to a colleague who doesn’t bother saying … read more


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