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Sharone Bar-David, President

Sharone Bar-David is a leading Canadian expert on workplace incivility and author of Trust Your Canary—Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility, a first of its kind book that equips leaders with critical  tools for dealing with workplace incivility.

With a knack for telling it like it is, an ever-growing set of original (and often contrarian) ideas and a playful attitude, Sharone brings to Bar-David Consulting’s clients ah-ha perspectives on those seemingly inconsequential and all too common rude or disrespectful behaviours that are bad for business and destroy organizational cultures.

Responding to persistent requests from clients, in 2015 Sharone took her ideas to the next level: She created innovative civility boosting tools, including the Trust Your Canary Team Civility Booster program and the Respect-on-the-Go toolkits. These tools enable organizations, teams and managers make civility a daily reality.

It took Sharone three distinct careers to find her passion. Along the way she acquired a Law degree (and practiced for several years), then a Masters degree in Social Work, complete with a post-graduate fellowship in family therapy. A serendipitous chain of events led her to train mental health professionals across Canada and abroad, with a later focus on workplace-related training.

Over the past 24 years Sharone has worked with over 30,000 people through training sessions, consulting, coaching and keynote speeches. (She also managed a network of 50+ wellness trainers for Canada’s leading EAP provider). The many industries in which she has has been involved in a professional capacity provided her with unique insights into the world of work, which she enthusiastically shares with anyone who cares to listen.

Most importantly, Sharone’s clients consistently comment on the great value they find in the direct and thought-provoking way in which she expresses her ideas, the honest feedback she provides, and the safe way in which she invites people to challenge their own habitual (even tired) beliefs and actions.

Sharone is a regular guest commentator for the Canadian HR Reporter magazine and has appeared on CBC radio and other publications. She is an accredited Boss Whisperer specializing in coaching abrasive leaders, and is a member of the Boss Whispering Institute.

On a personal note, Sharone is an avid yogi and proud mother of daughter Leore. She is the recipient of a gold medal award at The New York International Festivals for a program she created for CBC Radio, “The Magic of Falling Teeth“.  (Several years had passed since, and the program has been aired repeatedly over the years, causing joy and pride to both herself and Leore, on whose experiences the program was based).


Karon West’s mission is to help people and the organizations in which they work reach their potential. With over 30 years experience as an organization development consultant, Karon has provided consulting services to a wide range of profit and non-profit organizations in a large range of industries. With her trademark listening abilities, thorough understanding of her clients’ needs and unparalleled dedication, Karon helps her clients implement their goals and get them to where they truly can (and want) to be. She possesses strong skills in strategic planning, change management, HR management, and leadership development.

Karon brings to her clients a healthcare background and a Masters degree in Environmental Studies. She is actively involved in the community and is a  founder and faculty member of Canadian Organization Development Institute (CODI), Toronto. She has written several books on health and management.


Gloria Cook  Photo Cropped Aug 2013Gloria Cook

With more than 20 years of clinical and training experience, Gloria has developed and delivered over 600 workshops and seminars for numerous businesses and non-profit organizations across Canada. These experiences, along with her M.A. in Counselling, have taught her a great deal about the journeys people experience in the workplace. She integrates this rich understanding into her facilitation of training and meetings as she assists individuals and groups to energetically move toward their goals.

Gloria has worked extensively in the areas of conflict management, stress resilience and dealing with change, always with an emphasis on creating workplaces where people get along professionally and respectfully. She is best known for her dynamic and engaging style and for the solid clinical background she brings to her overall work.


MC Lassard Photo CroppedMarie-Claude Lessard is a bilingual Certified Executive Coach with certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming. With a profound understanding of human performance and behaviour, Marie-Claude has coached individuals and led numerous workshops that help leaders and staff maximize their performance and create workplaces that really work. Whether one-to-one or in a group setting, Marie-Claude creates a learning environment where clients develop the courage to engage in personal and professional growth.

Marie-Claude (or MC, as she is most commonly known) served as a commissioned officer in the Canadian Forces, where she honed her own managerial and leadership attributes, including public speaking, training and facilitating.  She also enjoyed a successful career in real estate investing.

Dr. Robyn Jacobson is a mediator, facilitator and conflict management consultant. She has worked and studied internationally and holds the degrees of B.Com, LLB, LLM and a PhD.  Her doctoral research was in the field of conflict management and dispute resolution and she has presented seminars and workshops on this topic, chaired many conferences, and published articles and a book on conflict management. Robyn lectured on business law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa for over 10 years, where she also held positions as Professor, Academic Registrar and Director of the Law School.

Robyn conducts mediations, conflict assessments and facilitations, systems design and conferences with a focus on restorative interventions in the workplace. She also offers courses, seminars and training in conflict management and dispute resolution.


Ray Gordezky is a seasoned organizational development consult. He is widely known for designing and facilitating multi-sector change initiatives, using processes such as Future Search and World Café, to address complex social and organizational challenges. He combines this focus with strengths in leadership development, social innovation and coaching. He regularly works with leaders in business, government and civil society organizations, as well as in international development settings. Ray is a faculty member at Waterloo’s Social Innovation Graduate Certificate program and at the Canadian Organization Development Institute.

Ray is also the Canadian Director of Polarity Associates and uses the Polarity Assessment Process for Organizations to help organization leaders better understand and  leverage the tough dilemmas they face.


Loretta Helman

With over 30 years of experience as a career management expert, Loretta has worked with people and systems in the private sector, not-for-profit and government. On a systems levels, Loretta launched and managed various career services, including developing and managing a national Career Counseling service for Canada’s largest Employee Assistance Program and transitioning it to a telephonic/remote service servicing over 3,000 clients annually. She also played a key role in developing and implementing a model for career planning and downsizing of the Ontario Public Service. On the individual level, Loretta helps her clients appreciate their strengths and develop workable strategies to market themselves effectively. Loretta also facilitates training sessions focused on career planning/career change, retirement planning and job search skills. She holds a Masters degree in Adult Education and Counselling, as well as degrees in Social Work and Psychology.


June Marino

June is Bar-David Consulting’s technology whiz. She comes to us with an extensive background in technology and business solutions with fortune 500 companies. Known as an innovative problem solver, in her role she identifies opportunities to improve customer service and she contributes to improved business strategies and effective internal workflow. Her open, consultative and hands-on style is dedicated to the achievement of Bar-David Consulting’s commitment to be the best we can be in the service of our clients.




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