Bar-David Consulting is a boutique firm specializing in helping organization (and those who inhabit them) create respectful and civil work environments. We do this through offering our clients a range of training, coaching and consulting services.

When your organization is facing any of the below challenges, our services might be the solution you need:

–  When the conduct of an abrasive leader is affecting people and the business…

Our REAL™ Program for Abrasive Leaders is the answer.


–  If your work environment is affected by incivility, harassment or bullying…

We’ll help you diagnose the problem and plug in REAL™ Training Solutions or REAL™  Organizational Solutions as needed.


— To develop your leaders’ capacity….

Our targeted coaching services and REAL™ Training Solutions will take your people to the next level.


— When there’s interpersonal conflict between individuals or groups….

We’ll help you resolve the problem through conflict mediation and development.


— In the planning, launching and implementation of change initiatives

We’ll support you with comprehensive solutions every step of the way.


— If people are stressed and out of balance, or you need wellness skill–building….

The REAL™ Training Solutions will energize and motivate.



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REAL™ Solutions for Abrasive Leaders

Find out how you, as a senior executive or HR leader, can help restore the effectiveness of an abrasive leader.

REAL™ Training Services

Discover how our training programs will energize and grow your people.

REAL™ Organizational Solutions

Find out how we can help you with organizational development and initiatives.
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