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“How on Earth do I Handle This?”: Real Solutions to the  Most Common Respect-Related Leadership Dilemmas

You already know that as a people leader, you will inevitably encounter ‘bad behaviour’.

Whether it is incivility, harassment, bullying, or anywhere in between, respect-related situations are challenging to diagnose and difficult to handle successfully. The stakes are high:  if you don’t get it right, the ramifications can be far reaching for all who are involved.

This keynote offers industrial-strength strategies for dealing with the seven most common ‘bad behaviours at work’ challenges that managers, supervisors, and executives inevitably encounter (and often mishandle) in the course of managing people. It also introduces the audience to Sharone Bar-David’s proprietary Bad Behaviour@Work Severity Continuum.



The 7-Ups of Leadership

This captivating keynote speech provides 7 key principles for creating vibrant leadership and successful relationships. Its themes evolve around concepts such as “Show Up!”, “Speak Up!” and “Rise Up!” and “Lift Up!”. (Specific ‘ups’ are modified depending on your organization’s needs).

This speech is offered in three versions: “The 7 Ups of Life” focuses on life in general, “The 7 Ups of Relationships at Work” emphasizes life and relationships at work, and, “The 7 Ups of Leadership” examines the challenges of leadership.



“Emergency! Can Someone Get Me Out of This Trap?”

This winning keynote peeks into the world of traps that we humans fall into when we are touched by organizational change. Its inspirational messages invite audiences to take an honest look in the mirror, laugh at what they see and with renewed acceptance move toward dealing with change more constructively.



Crankiness, Insanity and Other Strange Adventures on the Road to Resilience

A lively keynote that touches the heart and engages audiences’ ‘funny bone’ with its penetrating examination of what stress does to us and how we can build our resilience.



Anybody Seen My Compass Lately?

An inspiring keynote that brings wisdom, energy and love to the human experience of losing our Life Balance and rediscovering how we can create a truly compass-based life.



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