REAL™ Solutions for Abrasive Leaders

Abrasiveness can be tamed.

But first, if you are a person who has been identified as “abrasive”, please click here for a personal note from Sharone Bar-David.

If you are a senior leader managing someone whose interpersonal style rubs people the wrong way, you know that their conduct is bad for business. Whether he or she holds a management position or is otherwise a valuable contributor, the abrasive person’s behaviour causes distress, triggers staff turnover and sick leaves, and tarnishes your brand reputation.

True, this person might be a stellar performer who has the organization’s best interests at heart. Still, complaints continue to pile up, sometimes referring to him or her as “the bully boss” or a “workplace bully.”

You want to retain this person and their expertise, but the cost might be too high. To assess the cost and risk, fill out our free risk assessment tool. You might be surprised at what you discover.

You’ve tried various solutions, but nothing has worked. You’re now ready to take action. And you know that buying into the common myths about abrasiveness has not served you well.

That’s where the REAL™ Program for Abrasive Leaders* comes in.

Using a highly specialized and respectful process, the program will help turn around the manager’s behaviour within just a few months.


Contact us to discuss how the REAL™ Program for Abrasive Leaders can help you assist the abrasive manager and get the work environment back on track. And we invite you to check out our Training Solutions and Organizational Solutions too.



To learn more about Abrasive Leaders and related organizational factors, please visit any of the resources listed below.

*Inspired by the pioneering work of Dr. Laura Crawshaw, founder of The Boss Whispering Institute.




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REAL™ Solutions for Abrasive Leaders

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