REAL™ Training Solutions

When training is the solution for the challenge at hand, we’ll help you figure out which topics and modalities will provide you with the best ROI (you already know that one size does not fit all).

You can of course always also access our Organizational Solutions and our REAL™ Solutions for Abrasive Leaders.

You’ll be able to leverage our training expertise in any of the following REAL™ domains:


Respectful Workplace


These sessions equip your leaders and employees with practical tools for creating civil, respectful work environments. They’ll learn how to diagnose, prevent and respond to any type of respect-related situation (we’ll cover everything from social cliques and moody personalities, right up to outright targeted bullying).

We have become widely recognized for our workplace civility training sessions (in fact, Sharone Bar-David is a leading Canadan expert on workplace incivility). Our clients have consistently offered rave reviews about our service. In these incivility-focused inspirational sessions, leaders and staff learn how to identify and deal with those seemingly insignificant behaviors that are rude, discourteous, or disrespectful, where it is unclear if the person engaging in these behaviors actually intends any harm.

Recently we added an exciting new program: Civility Education Bursts! these Education Bursts comprise of 15-minute long sessions that offer motivations experiences to boost civility in your workplace, working around your shift schedule. No-fuss experiences, sessions can be delivered anywhere on your site. Learn more here.

In another exciting development, we now offer you the opportunity to evaluate how effective the training really is, and how it impacts on your people and on the quality of service your organization provides.

Our Respectful Workplace complement of training sessions are especially helpful when:

  • You need to increase overall resepct-related competence amongst your leaders or staff
  • Your team had gone through a harassment-related investigation and recommendations were made for team rehabilitation
  • There’s a need to boost workplace civility amongst team members (in these situations, you might require our Organizational Solutions in addition to workplace civility training.
  • You’re launching a new Respect in the workplace policy

Sample Respectful Workplace topics include: 

  • “How on Earth do I Handle This?”: No-Nonsense Solutions for the Most Common Respect-Related Leadership Dilemmas
  • “I Can’t Stand the Gossip Around Here”: Mastering the Incivility Challenge (Workplace Civility Training)
  • “Step Up!” Taming Incivility in your Workplace – 15-minute Education Bursts (Workplace Civility Training)
  • “Hey, This Ain’t the Wild West!”: Tools for Tackling Workplace Incivility, Harassment and Bullying
  • “Imagine All the People”: A Fresh Look at Diversity

Feel free to check out what previous satisfied clients have said about our workplace civility training and respectful workplace training, or contact as anytime for your free, no-commitment consultation.





Your organization is only as good as your leaders, and this suite of training solutions will boost leadership capacity. When you entrust your leaders to us, you can (confidently) expect them to be challenged, entertained, stretched, supported and compelled to think critically. They’ll emerge energized and ready to lead differently than before. Choose from topics list.



Change Agility


These training solutions will help you avoid the familiar messes you’ve had to clean up as a result of mismanaged change initiatives. Leaders who participate in our leadership-focused Change Agility sessions leave equipped with industrial-strength tools for managing both the people and process sides of change. As to front-line employee, their sessions will teach them how to develop a personal change-resilience shield.  As a result of accessing this line-up of topics, you’ll be able to move any change initiative much more smoothly.



Personal Energy Management


As pressures at work and home accumulate, people’s personal resources get depleted (those sleepless nights don’t make for cheerful customer service the following day). This suite of training offerings equips your people with resilience skills that stop the leakage of precious energy, complete with easy-to-implement paths equilibrium-boosting strategies.



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Sample Leadership Development topics

  • “It’s a Long Unwinding Road”: From ‘Managing’ to ‘Leading’
  • “Wow – That Sure Made Life Easier”: Purposeful Communication for Leaders
  •  “Let’s Be The Best We Can Be”: Creating High Performance Team
  • “There has to be Another Way”: Frustration-Free Delegation Skills
  • “I Can No Longer Ignore this Problem”: Addressing Declining Performance

Sample Change Agility topics

  • “I’m Beginning to Lose My Patience”: Leading through Workplace Change
  • “Will Life Around Here Ever Go Back to Normal?”: The Change Agility Toolkit

Sample Personal Energy Management topics

  • “Stop the World, I want to Get Off”: Stress Resilience in a World Gone Wonky
  • “The Day I Lost My Compass”: Reclaiming Your LifeBalance
  • “How did we Let this Issue Become so Huge?”: Strategies for Dealing Constructively with Conflict


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