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Our Trust Your Canary™ enlightening training programs equip leaders and employees with practical tools for creating civil, respectful work environments. They learn how to identify, prevent and respond to any respect-related situation, including workplace incivility—those seemingly insignificant behaviours that are rude, discourteous, or disrespectful, and that have a surprisingly pervasive effect on key perfomance indicators.

When workplace civility training is the solution for the challenge at hand, we’ll help you figure out which program will provide you with the best ROI. You can get even higher impact by augmenting the training with our Respect on the Go toolkits, Sharone Bar-David Trust Your Canary book, or the Team Civility Booster™ program. (And if the issue is a leader who is abrasive, we’ll be glad to help with the REAL™ Program for Abrasive Leaders.

Why Choose Bar-David Consulting?

The answer is simple. We are widely recognized for inspirational learning experiences that engage, illuminate and motivate participants to step up to the plate. Sharone Bar-David, our president, is a leading expert on workplace incivility and author of the first of-its-kind authoritative book for leaders, Trust Your Canary: Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility. She is the creator of a suite of powerful civility boosting tools you can be utilize in conjunction with our training programs or as standalone products that don’t require external consulting expertise.

We also offer you the opportunity to evaluate how effective the training really is, and how it impacts your people and on the quality of service your organization provides.

Want to know how others experience our services?  Check out our client reviews, which tell you more of the story.

When is Respectful Workplace Training the Right Solution? 

Contact us to discuss training when:

  • You want to boost teamwork and performance
  • You need to increase overall respect-related competence among leaders or staff
  • A team had gone through a harassment-related investigation and recommendations were made for team rehabilitation
  • There’s a need to increase civility amongst team members
  • You’re launching a new respect-related policy

Programs range from half-day to two days or longer. For large groups, shorter programs are available. We even offer innovative Civility Education Bursts comprised of 15-minute sessions, working around shift schedules and delivered with minimal fuss (learn more here).


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