You’re in a Trap When…

Change is a tricky business. When it happens in the organization you work for, it can make you fall into all kinds of thinking errors that will limit your ability to deal with it effectively.

I call these `traps’, and following is a quick `n dirty list of trap-symptoms. You’ll know you’re in a “change trap” when:

  • For most of your work days, your body shows up to work, but YOU don’t
  • You’re afraid to tell your boss you have too much on your plate
  • You can’t remember the last time you laughed at work
  • You spend lots of time discussing the latest rumours with your friends by the water cooler
  • You’re rushing-rushing but can’t remember why
  • You have an anxiety attack whenever your boss asks you to “step into her office”
  • You don’t believe anything that the organization’s senior leaders say

Change traps are created by our mind. They are a story we tell ourselves about our reality, and they are damaging to us on every level.

So why not free yourself from the tyranny of self-torture?!


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