Abrasive Leaders

If you are a senior executive or HR leader who is worried about the perceived abrasive conduct of a manager or top performer in your organization, our one-on-one specialized coaching can help.

While otherwise a high-performing, valued member of your leadership cadre, the negative perceptions about this person’s conduct might be placing the organization at significant risk.

True, the person may not intend to inflict harm and may not be aware of their impact on the work environment. In fact, they may be doing their absolute best to achieve first-rate business outcomes. However, their interpersonal style has led to any or all of the following:

  • High staff turnover
  • Increased sick and stress leaves
  • Transfer requests
  • Low morale
  • Grievances
  • Harassment or bullying complaints
  • Union problems
  • Legal or mediation costs
  • Stifled innovation
  • Damage to your brand’s reputation
  • Valuable executive resources wasted on dealing with this matter

You may think you’re left with only two options: fire the person (with all the associated costs and loss of crucial expertise), or put up with the behaviour (with all the damage caused by the abrasiveness). Neither of these options is palatable.

But wait!

Now there is another way, a third option:


Our REAL™ Program for Abrasive Leaders is an individual-focused coaching programs designed to successfully accomplish this third option. It delivers win-win solutions for everyone involved: the organization, the abrasive leader, the work unit, and, of course, you personally (no more sleepless nights).

Contact us today to discuss how the REAL™ Program for Abrasive Leaders can help you.

Or use our proprietary, free Abrasive Leader Risk Assessment tool to evaluate the risks involved with this behaviour. Submit it to us and receive a free consultation, or simply use it for your own internal purposes.

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