Personal Respect Barometer™

It’s no secret that even the best-intentioned person can (on occasion) be a tad uncivil.

Nor is it a secret that certain people may behave in an uncivil manner on a regular basis. Or that in some work environments — perhaps even your own workplace — incivility is a very real problem.

The Personal Respect Barometer™ is a groundbreaking self-assessment and strategies tool that helps your organization advance civility by expanding respondents’ personal awareness and skills.

Here’s how it works: Respondents complete an easy-to-use online questionnaire that assesses their competence in the area of workplace civility. Once completed, they receive a personal, confidential report that is jam-packed with practical strategies that boost insight and open up new channels for improved civility.

Your organization can:

  1. Leverage the Personal Respect Barometer™ as a stand-alone tool to enhance other initiatives.
  2. Access it as part of our Civil Work Spaces® Program — a train-the-trainer platform that allows your organization to deliver our programs using internal facilitators trained by us.

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