Sensitivity Training/Coaching

If your organization is like many others, the #MeToo movement has led you to conduct more workplace investigations. These investigations may have resulted in negative findings requiring one-on-one sensitivity training/coaching for a manager or employee whose behaviour has crossed the line.

Or perhaps you have decided that it is time to act on a long-standing issue proactively rather than waiting for a complaint to intensify a problem of which you are all too aware.

If these are your challenges, our one-on-one sensitivity training will make all the difference in the world.


Why choose Bar-David Consulting for your one-on-one sensitivity training needs?

Here’s what you can expect when you retain us for this important task:

  1. Highly specialized coaching directly with Sharone Bar-David, Canada’s leading expert on workplace incivility and author of Trust Your Canary: Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility. With a background as both a lawyer and social worker, she is known for the direct yet safe way that she pushes the envelope for the people with whom she works. Sharone is the perfect match for dealing with strong personalities and deeply entrenched thought patterns and behavioural habits.
  2. Our goal is simple: to help the coachee ensure they never find themselves in trouble again. Unlike the common sensitivity training programs where the goal is to provide you with a compliance “checkmark” (and where the person remains fundamentally unchanged and unmoved), we aim to transform the way our coachees think, feel, and behave vis-à-vis respect in the workplace.
  3. We get to know the coachee and tailor each program to the coachee’s unique needs, circumstances, and personality.
  4. Comprised of several focused meetings, our one-on-one sensitivity training/coaching always incorporate the following elements:
    • The overall changing workplace landscape toward increasing accountability on respect-related matters.
    • Employers’ duty of care to uphold a psychologically safe work environment.
    • The respect-related risks facing today’s manager.
    • Thorough discussion of the organization’s Respect policy.
    • Strategies for anticipating and preventing problem situations in future.
    • Review of Bar-David Consulting’s Respect On-the-Go toolkits.


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