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Respectful Workplace: When Bad Things Happen in Good Organizations. Sometimes bad things happen in good organizations. The question is, what can everyone (from the highest ‘officer’, right up to … read more

Abandon Your RUT™ Addiction. There’s a good chance that your team members (and yes, that does include you) suffer from an undiagnosed and serious addiction. … read more

Beware of Family in the Workplace.   Underlying beliefs can make or break a team’s culture. If you want to prevent your team’s culture from deteriorating in … read more

When Incivility Leaks into the Customer Interface. Recently I received a voicemail message from “Mary”, an HR Director stating that she would like to discuss the possibility … read more

“I Can’t Believe You Did That!” – Stealing Ideas at Work. If someone stole your idea, you know it really stings. Yet taking credit for other people’s ideas is an time-time … read more

Watch Your Language! Language has a powerful effect on the way that out brain perceives the world. The ways in which we talk … read more

Is It Harassment? Try Our Twist Test™. Let’s say that you just observed a behaviour in the workplace that somehow made you uncomfortable, where your gut tells … read more

What Makes a Group Smart? Take a guess: which of the following factors will most contribute to a group’s ‘collective intelligence’ in solving difficult problems … read more

Mind-Boggling Bullying Stats. Bullying is characterized by negative acts or words that are persistent (persistence is the single most important aspect that differentiates … read more

If You’re Not Sure It’s Okay to Say, Should You Say It? An organizational client asked me to provide feedback on the following clause in their Harassment Policy: ”If you’re about to make … read more


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