Civil Work Spaces® Program

The Civil Work Spaces® Subscription Program offers your organization access to a robust platform where your very own Civil Work Spaces® Certified Facilitators deliver civility-boosting training programs to managers and frontline staff.

Civil Work Spaces® Certified Facilitators are trained to lead interactive, content-rich learning events that motivate participants to feel, think, and act differently with regard to workplace incivility. Jam-packed with strategies, insights, and action-planning activities, the program’s modular structure enables your Certified Facilitators to tailor session content and length to different audiences.

All programs utilize our exclusive Respect On-the-Go™ toolkits, focused on civility and respect competencies.

PLUS, all programs include the Personal Respect Barometer™, a groundbreaking online tool that helps organizations advance civility by expanding respondents’ personal awareness and skills.


Why Choose the Creating Civil Work Spaces® program?

  1. Benefit from economies of scale. The program enables you to deliver highly targeted programs to large numbers of staff at a lower cost.
  2. Build capacity. The Creating Civil Work Spaces® program boosts participants’ respect-related competencies.
  3. Strengthen culture. Enrolling leaders and staff in the Creating Civil Work Spaces® training fosters a culture of respect and collaboration.
  4. Prevent more serious forms of respect violations. A focus on taming lower-intensity incivility helps reduce the occurrence of harassment and bullying


The program is ideal for organizations of any size that:

  1. Seek to improve business results through strong teamwork and high performance;
  2. Have a large number of people they wish to train;
  3. Have internal persons/s who could serve as competent facilitators;
  4. Wish to create a culture of civility and respect, in specific units or across the board;
  5. Are committed to developing managers’ competencies in identifying and taming workplace incivility;
  6. Endeavor to motivate front-line staff to become more active contributors to a civil workplace culture.

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