Do you need to find a reliable way to increase civility (and productivity) amongst team members?

The Team Civility Booster™ takes the team through five modules of thoughtful, action-focused discussions about workplace incivility as related to the group’s own culture.

These discussions are facilitated by the team’s leader (or a qualified organizational facilitator).

Wondering how the Team Civility Booster™ leads to lasting change?

We’ve put together a solid framework that creates the conditions for people to step up and enter into civility-land together. We’re going for sustainable change, nothing less. To make it happen, the Team Civility Booster™ includes:

  1. Five short videos revealing the dynamics of workplace incivility and strategies for boosting civility. The team views a video at the beginning of the meeting as a launching point for the facilitated discussion that follows. (Click here to get a taste of the videos.)
  2. A leader’s planning and implementation guide, which includes:
    1. An overview of the program
    2. Planning for the overall project (reflections, preparation, action planning)
    3. Preparation lists for each module
    4. Module-specific reflection and preparation
    5. Planning and implementation questions before and after each module
    6. Thought-provoking questions for team discussions
    7. Team member worksheets for each module
    8. Detailed guide for sustaining the change

What will the Team Civility Booster™ do for you?

  1. Enhance team civility
  2. Enable concrete action plans (personal and joint)
  3. Develop shared values
  4. Increase teamwork, collaboration and engagement
  5. Improve customer service

What do the modules actually cover?

  • Module 1:      What Is Workplace Incivility?
  • Module 2:      The Real-Life Effects of Workplace Incivility
  • Module 3:      Incivility-Enabling Beliefs
  • Module 4:      Walk the Talk
  • Module 5:      Dealing with Workplace Incivility


What’s included in the product?

  • Five videos, three to five minutes each, one per module
  • An introductory video outlining the program’s components and process
  • Seven comprehensive, user-friendly planning and implementation guide – downloadable, suitable for working online or printing
  • Action-planning questions for team discussion included in each module
  • Module-specific team members’ worksheets
  • Secure environment — all information is stored on your system, not on ours

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