Competent Leadership

Your own experience has already led you to recognize what research consistently finds: there’s a direct correlation between the quality of your organization’s leaders and business outcomes, and staff engagement is significantly higher when they trust their immediate manager. Consider this:

  • Do the supervisors, managers and senior leaders in your organization lead‘, or do they merely manage?
  • Do they communicate in ways that engage and inspire, or do they use tired communication strategies?
  • Are they able to create a culture that’s aligned with your mission and vision, or is culture created by default?
  • Do they know how to lead through change competently, or do they get frazzled and impatient?
  • Are they able to deal with performance issues in a direct and supportive manner, or do they procrastinate and avoid?
  • Do they know how to foster high performance teams, or do they make do with mediocre (or worse) team performance?
  • Do they deal with incivility, harassment and bullying in a proactive fashion, or do they wait for a complaint or explosion to happen?

In you did not choose the first part of any of the above sentences, it’s high time to develop your leaders’ competencies.

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