Organizational Change Initiatives

Have any of your organization’s change initiatives been bogged down (or outright failed) due to:

  • Well-thought-out plans for the first leg of the change, but poor planning of next phases?
  •  Underestimating the complexities?
  • Assigning insufficient resources, human or otherwise?
  • Communication problems… too little, too late, too guarded?
  • Mishandling negativity and resistance?

Thorough planning and superb execution are critical to the success of change initiatives, large or small. And a crucial part of planning has to include asking some critical questions related to the people side of things. Some questions that often are neglected are:

      • How do we give our people as much of a sense of control as possible?
      • Hoe do we protect people’s personal resilience?
      • How do we maintain trust in us leaders throughout this change?
      • How do we create a culture that embraces the change over the long haul?

We’ll be glad to help you plan and implement your change initiatives anywhere from inception to completion.  Contact us today for your free, no-commitment consultation.

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