Workplace Change

When Reality Trumps Civility In a recent workplace civility training workshops, as we were reviewing the list of behaviours that are considered workplace incivility, … read more

New Year’s Wishes – Embrace Your Fears! As we enter 2013, I wish you a year of embracing your fears. Specifically, befriending the five key fears that … read more

Surprising Happiness Facts What if I told you that people in war-torn Afghanistan are probably happier than you are? And that the same … read more

Free Offer! (Yes, It’s True) “They don’t work hard enough”. “I did it wrong”. “My efforts aren’t appreciated”. “They’re rude”. “They’re going to screw this initiative … read more

You’re in a Trap When… Change is a tricky business. When it happens in the organization you work for, it can make you fall into … read more

Are HR Real Humans? People love to hate HR. This is especially true during organizational transitions – cutbacks, layoffs, and downsizing. Several days ago, … read more

Boosting Resilience Series, Part 1 (video) Maintaining personal resilience is a life-long challenge. This is especially true when we face changes in the organizations we’re part … read more


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