Self Care @ Times of Change

A friend of mine recently lamented how quality of life seems to have gone downhill for him since the latest wave of change `hit him’ at work. He’s gained weight, quit exercising and can’t sleep as well as he used to. Typical, really.
When change encroaches on our work lives, we often begin neglecting basic practices associated with wellness and resilience. We begin stealing-and-borrowing from the most defenceless victim – our own selves. We spend too many hours at our desk without a break, grab fast food, exercise less, shorten our sleep hours or spend less time with friends or hobbies. In doing so we set a vicious cycle in motion: the lack of self care leads to reduced resilience, which in turn makes us less capable of dealing with the challenges associated with the changes with the needed equanimity.
When a period of change is present at work (and. frankly, have you noticed that it seems to always be there these days?), it’s crucial to `go back to basics’. Make sure you take breaks, eat well, spend pleasure times with people at home, enjoy activities and say `no’ to things that will further stretch you. It’s the only way to make sure you don’t burn out!

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