Three Good Wishes

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In January of this year I offered my thoughts on three things to do in 2015. Now, as the world struggles to find answers to exceedingly difficult challenges, please allow me to wholeheartedly extend to you three personal wishes:

  1. A wish for choice. We have the capacity to be good, kind, considerate and thoughtful. We also possess an impulse to be judgmental, unkind, dismissive, and much worse. It’s up to us to make the choice—sometimes dozens of times a day.

    I wish you a year of making good choices.

  1. A wish for effective coating. It’s so easy to take a victim stance—“she did this to me,” “he did it on purpose”—or to get offended because of something that someone said or did. It’s the old Velcro reaction vs. Teflon coating dilemma.

    I wish you a year of non-victimhood, a year of celebrating your generous spirit and extending the benefit of the doubt.

  1. A wish for questioning. In the secret labyrinths of our minds, we all to often have a need to be right, to have unlimited monopoly on who should do or say what, when, and exactly how. But this need to be right robs us of much of the richness that comes with truly observing, listening, paying attention, and being open.

    I wish us all a year of living in the question. A year of humility, curiosity, and an openness to being utterly in the wrong.

Happy holidays and a fantabulous new year!


As always, contact me anytime, this year—or next.


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