Love Thy Neighbour @ Work

Looking for opportunities to make a real difference?
Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center studied data collected from more than 24,000 Canadian workers in 2002. Predictably, they found that 5% of the workers suffered from serious bouts of depression. More interestingly, the study detected a surprising trend: men and women who felt little social support at work were 2-3 times more likely to suffer major bouts of depression! In other words, colleagues’ support served as a significant depression-buffer.
What do we learn from this?
First, as a manager, you’d be well advised to support fraternize by colleagues – – it boosts productivity rather than hinder it.
Second, for just about anyone: despite hectic deadlines and increasing demands, do take those few minutes to listen to your colleague, provide him or her with a helpful perspective or a solid sympathetic ear. In doing so, you are actually serving as a natural healer, helping that person reduce the chances of getting hit by depression.
Small acts of kindness that can make a huge difference to another person and their family. Does it get any better than that?

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