Defensive Management in a Bullying-Saturated Era (2)

Last time I discussed the real and imminent risk of significant rise in bullying-related complaints and four specific management situations that by their very nature may give rise to bullying accusations, even for the best of managers.

As the backdrop to this issue, let’s consider the issue of justice in management. The term `perceived justice’, as developed by social and organizational psychologists, refers to the degree to which employees perceive that they are treated fairly by the organization and its leaders. Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, Interpersonal Justice and Informational Justice describe the perceived fairness of distribution of rewards, the fairness of the procedures used to make decisions, the interpersonal dynamics between decision-makers and recipients of these decisions, , the `voice’ that people had in the process, and the explanations made regarding those decisions.

As a manager, practicing the four types of justice makes good sense anytime, any day. From a proactive perspective, practicing the four types of justice also provides a way of shielding you from inadvertently being accused of bullying.

So how does this work in the four specific high sensitivity situations that I highlighted last time? Well, stay tuned….

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