Join Me on CBC Radio…. Ever Had Your Idea Stolen?

People in the workplace steal ideas daily. In fact, Steve Jobs proudly stated “we’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas”. Join me on CBC radio’s Ontario Today call-in show this Thursday at noon (EST) as I respond to callers who experienced or witnessed this phenomenon.

Until then, if you feel that someone stole your idea and you carried resentment, ask yourself:

  1. Was my ideas really mine and original, or was it created in synergy with others (and therefore I should not claim it as mine)?
  2. How important is the issues to me? And how important is the relationship with this person? Is it really worth me getting all upset about?
  3. What are the pros and cons of discussing my feelings with the ‘thief’? is it worth approaching him or her?
  4. If I decide to indeed raise the matter  with the person, what language do I use to prevent him/her from getting defensive (which will lead to a shut-down)?
  5. What win-win suggestions will it make for resolving the issue?

Added Later:

  • You can listen to the program in its entirety here — there were great calls, worth listening to!
  • You can also launch dialogue about how to prevent or manage idea-stealing  in your own  team by visiting this Thought Booster.


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