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As you know, I’ve been hard at work on my upcoming book – a hands-on guide for leaders on how to prevent and deal with workplace incivility. There’s nothing even remotely like it on the market, which makes it all the more of an exciting project.

I’ve been vacillating between different titles and would love your input in arriving at a great solution. The book title will be used across our other programs, tools and products and as such will become a recognizable part of the Bar-David Consulting brand. So it’s super important to land on something catchy, evocative, and compelling.

I’d love you to weigh in with your opinion on a few options I’m considering.

Would you be willing to help?

Providing your input will take less than two minutes – – it’s only 4 multiple-choice questions.

AND, TA-DA! …. you’ll be entered in a draw to win one of three copies of the book, once published!

If you’re willing to help, just click here to share your view.

Your input will be soooo appreciated!

Questions, ideas or need help? Get  in touch, anytime!

Note added on May 15th 2014: thank you to all of you who blessed us with an abundance of thoughtful and creative responses! The poll is now closed and winners of the free books to be announced shortly.

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