Obama Trickle Down Effect

This past Friday, two days after the election of Barack Obama as president, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand some unexpected effects of his victory on the Canadian workplace.

I was facilitating a `Sages Day’, where my client, in the not-for-profit sector, brought in a group of trusted people from different contexts and cities to provide sage advice on how he should deal with key strategic questions on his agenda.

Throughout the day, the Obama story kept popping up as an inspiring template. Questions such as “How can we reach out to young people using the technological tools of the day, as Obama did?”, “How can we create hope in the hearts of the people we want to serve?”, “How do we enlist otherwise uninvolved people to help forward our cause?” were heard around the room as people were putting their minds together to create the best possible future for my client’s organization.

“How can we reach out to young people using the technological tools of the day, as Obama did?”, In short, the stunning Obama story and his campaign seem to have many relevant implications to organizations in different contexts. There is much to learn, far beyond the world of politics.

Inevitably, I’d like to ask….. What page from the `Obama book’ might you, in your own organization or your own professional life, borrow in order to take things to the next level?

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