Incivility: Tackling the Problem Boss

Last time, we looked at all the not-so-effective ways for dealing with an incivil boss.
So what does work? Well, my advice is probably similar to what your grandmother could have told you:

  • Muster the courage to speak up constructively (the boss is probably not even aware of the impact of her behaviour).
  • Set clear boundaries, gradually and gracefully.
  • Take good care of yourself, because when all is said and done, you are all that you’ve got.
  • Replace your habitual Velcro with a Teflon-inspired existence so that you can allow things to slide right off you.
  • Remain mentally in your own business rather than meddling in theirs.
  • Remind yourself that this is just a job, it does not define you.
  • Take the issue to someone who has potential influence, because there’s a good chance that with a bit of competent coaching this boss’s behaviour can be turned around.

But what if, you may ask, despite your best efforts, nothing changes?

Well, then, it’s time to polish the dust off your résumé and go find a better workplace, where you can safely park your talent, body and soul.


We’re here to help, anytime.

If you are managing someone who is an abrasive leader, or if you are a manager who was told that you are abrasive – we are always here to help with a (free) perspective or input. 

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