No Harm Intended? Think Again Avoid mishandling respect-related issues by putting the offender’s intent and its impact on others to proper use FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE … read more

Incivility: When the Boss Is the Problem Top eight mistakes to make on the way to self-induced misery. FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE OPEN PDF >>

Do you have your RHB designation? Being a real human being can take thought, effort and largesse (This article was published in Canadian HR Reporter Magazine … read more

7 Fail-Proof Tips for Self-Sabotage How to ensure you’re passed over for promotion and at the top of the layoff list FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE OPEN … read more

Performance: Why Managers Keep Their Eyes Shut Tightly Why managers turn a blind eye to problematic performance and no-nonsense tools for moving beyond procrastination FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE OPEN PDF … read more

Selling Your Soul? Hit the Eject Button Three easy ways to sell your soul at work – and a simple method for finding your way to back … read more

Critical Exception to ‘Correct in Private’ Rule.   The below article challenges the time-honoured management practice of  ‘praise in public, correct in private’. It was published in the HR Reporter … read more

What Leaders (and HR) Can Learn from Successful Politicians and Top-Notch Salesmen Replace your old and  tired communication model with something that will actually achieve results. FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE OPEN PDF >>

Organizational Change: Managing Downsizing-Related Conversations When you’re faced with the difficult task of letting people go, do it right. FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE OPEN PDF >>

Leaders: Mastering that conversation you’re trying to avoid Three common traps to avoid and six steps to follow when an employee’s performance deteriorates FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE OPEN PDF … read more


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