The Real Deal on What to Do When Someone Complains about Harassment.   As a leader, it’s never easy to know exactly what to do when someone approaches you with a harassment–related … read more

Blackberry in the John RIM might be in trouble, but that doesn’t change the fact that you might already be a full-blown techno-addict. If … read more

Abrasive Bosses – Three Deadly Organizational Sins (published in Canadian HR Reporter Magazine, Jan 16, 2012) It was time for Maurice to act. As Director of HR, … read more

Join us on February 2nd for “Taming the Abrasive Leader” Please join us as Bar-David Consulting hosts a special seminar, “Taming the Abrasive Leader”. You’ve encountered abrasive leaders (often referred … read more

Sharone Bar-David Featured on Ontario Today: Stealing Ideas at Work.   On Thursday, January 12th, 2012 Sharone Bar-David was a guest on CBC Radio One’s Ontario Today. The topic? Stealing … read more

Join Me on CBC Radio…. Ever Had Your Idea Stolen? People in the workplace steal ideas daily. In fact, Steve Jobs proudly stated “we’ve always been shameless about stealing great … read more

Abrasive Leaders: Five Mistakes You’ve Made When Managing Them   Here’s a fundamental truth: Abrasive behaviour is tolerated – even rewarded – almost everywhere. And chances are that in the … read more

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The Incivility Risk: It’s Time to Connect the Dots The below article provides an analysis of the surprising results of a survey we designed for the HR Reporter magazine in … read more

Defensive Management in a Bully-Saturated Era How to navigate four high sensitivity situations that could inadvertently expose hard-working, decent managers to unfounded bullying accusations. FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE … read more


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