So What if You’re Miserable Today

Male doll in suit yoga pose 000007032369SHere’s a suggestion for those days when you’re miserable at work and wish you didn’t have to be there:

Instead of acting grumpy – act happy

It’s widely accepted that when a person feels miserable, he or she should allow themselves to act accordingly. Sometimes people even refer to it as ‘being authentic’.

Here are five reasons why you might actually become happier if you act happy rather than grouchy:

  1. Acting happy will change your body’s chemistry. The levels of stress hormones circulating in your physical self will drop. The result? Your mood will change for the better as your body flushes those toxins out.
  2. When other people experience you as crabby, they avoid you, which makes you feel even worse. When you act happy (even when you’re internally not at all) they experience you positively and gravitate towards you.  This opens a cycle of positive interactions, which will inevitably uplift your spirits.
  3. Your career will benefit. Grouchy people get passed over for interesting opportunities. Besides, no one wants such folks on their team anyway. The opposite is true for people who bring good energy to the table.
  4. You’ll spend less time apologizing for your poor behaviour or having to deal with colleagues who are upset with you because of your conduct.  That alone will significantly improve your overall state.
  5. You’re a grown-up, so act like one. When you do so, you will feel good about who you are, and that in turn is sure to elevate your happiness levels.

So what the heck – why not try it? Just do a little experiment by acting happy when you’re not and see what happens. After all, what have you got to lose?


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