Step Away From The Stress-Incivility Tango.   QUESTION: Our work environment is frequently stressful and as a result, the atmosphere is often tense and frosty. Many … read more

The 8th International Conference on Workplace Bullying: What You Need to Know. (published in Canadian HR Reporter Magazine, Aug 13, 2012) Almost thirty years since Scandinavian researchers began studying the phenomenon of … read more

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Abrasive Leaders: Five Mistakes You’ve Made When Managing Them   Here’s a fundamental truth: Abrasive behaviour is tolerated – even rewarded – almost everywhere. And chances are that in the … read more

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Defensive Management in a Bully-Saturated Era How to navigate four high sensitivity situations that could inadvertently expose hard-working, decent managers to unfounded bullying accusations. FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE … read more

No Harm Intended? Think Again Avoid mishandling respect-related issues by putting the offender’s intent and its impact on others to proper use FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE … read more

Incivility: When the Boss Is the Problem Top eight mistakes to make on the way to self-induced misery. FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE OPEN PDF >>

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7 Fail-Proof Tips for Self-Sabotage How to ensure you’re passed over for promotion and at the top of the layoff list FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE OPEN … read more


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