You Are a Bully If…

You may be a bully and not even know it. While some bullies actively target their victims in malicious, planned ways, most bullies have no clue that others view them as such! 

So, in the service of honest self-examination, I invite you to use the following questions to ascertain whether you may, unfortunately, be a bully. (Note: this is not a full, comprehensive list).

Do you ever…

1.    Ignore the opinions of others, especially in public
2.    Withhold information from others that may affect their performance
3.    Remind others of their errors or mistakes
4.    Humiliate or ridicule other people’s work
5.    Engage in gossip and rumours
6.    Make insulting/offensive remarks about others
7.    Ignore, exclude or isolate others
8.    Criticize other people’s work and effort
9.    Tease or make sarcastic comments
10.   Demonstrate spontaneous anger (possibly raising your voice, even shouting)
11.   Claim other people’s work as yours
12.   Make practical jokes

If you answered `yes’ to any of the questions, there’s a good chance that you are a bully.

My suggestion: shape up ASAP! 

(PS for the effects of bullying on others and on the business, visit the Resources section on my website   

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