Questions that Simplify

Having just returned from a marvellous vacation visiting old friends in Southern France, I’ve had an opportunity to re-observe how competently the French keep their sanity. They too have complex, demanding realities, yet they keep a steady focus on pleasure, good food and friendship. Life somehow seems simpler.

In sharp contrast, in our culture we erode our resilience and sense of joy by taking on too much.

So, in the spirit of emulating the French, here are a few simplifying questions to ask yourself whenever the temptation hits to load yet another something onto your plate:

  • Is this going to simplify or complicate my life right now?
  • Does this fit with my True North (i.e. my true priorities and the legacy I want to leave)?
  • What would an old, wise me advise me to do right now?
  • In six months, will I think I did the right thing in adding this to my plate?
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