New Year Confessions I have a confession to make: I’ve never quite bought into the value of New Year’s resolutions. Seems that much … read more

When Reality Trumps Civility In a recent workplace civility training workshops, as we were reviewing the list of behaviours that are considered workplace incivility, … read more

Do You Too Strike Back in the Afternoon? Does experiencing incivility from a co-worker in the morning lead to you behaving in an uncivil fashion in the afternoon? … read more

Micro-Inequities, Bias, and Incivility I sometimes get asked about the relationship between micro-inequity and workplace incivility. With current racial tensions and police bias in … read more

Hop, Skip, and Leap to Conclusions! Do people really intend to be dismissive, belittling or inconsiderate when they engage in those seemingly insignificant behaviours that we … read more

Strangers in the Day, Exchanging Glances… If, like me, you are a Sinatra fan, this heading probably got you humming his classic Strangers in the Night, … read more

It’s Time for People to Get Thicker Skins (Or Is it) Monique, a bright-eyed young employee, approaches her manager regarding George, who works in the cubicle beside hers. A veteran employee, … read more

Three Things to Do in 2015 Happy New Year! To make it a great year for you and those around you, do any or all of … read more

Feeling Rejected? Take Tylenol Can pain medication help when you’re feeling rejected, left out, or ostracized? I know, I know — at first blush, this idea … read more

If Stress is Like a Rotten Guest In response to my last post (Five Types of Stress), Slavko from Ottawa wrote: “For many people, stress is an … read more


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