Courage in the New Year

This month I had to bring tough feedback to a management team that has been doing its best to create a progressive work environment. Turns out that many of the employees were experiencing a sense of great fear rather than `openness”. When management heard this feedback (and believe me, I worked hard to present it in the best palatable way), I was struck by the measured, courageous way in which they took it in.

They really LISTENED.

And then we got down to nuts-and-bolts planning of how they can begin changing things.

The year of 2011 is about to embrace us. During this year both you and I are likely to hear feedback that will sting. We won’t want to hear it. We may want to invalidate it. We may get defensive.

My invitation to myself for the new year—and dare I say that it is my invitation to you too—is to remain open. To be inspired by those managers, to listen to the feedback and see how I can use it to learn and grow. In short, to demonstrate courage.

Happy holidays and here’s to a fantabulous New Year!

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