Incivility Risk: Time to Connect the Dots (1)

Consider this: if we define incivility as `seemingly inconsequential, rude or discourteous words and actions’, it would be utterly logical to assume that its effects on the workplace would be equally inconsequential, right?

Well, wrong!

Indeed, a survey I designed in conjunction with the Canadian HR Reporter magazine (published October 12th , 2011) demonstrates that the exact opposite is true. The data in this survey was the first data of its kind collected here in Canada. And the findings are striking, even shocking.

Have you experienced problems with incivility in your workplace? If so, please stick around for the next few blog entries. I will share with you relevant information extracted from this survey; it will likely be helpful to you in your own role within your organization.

For starters, some stats: 308 Human Resources professionals provided online responses to the questionnaire. 73% of respondents were HR executives, managers and supervisors, another 17% identified themselves as `senior individual contributors’.

The responses covered all Canadian provinces, coast to coast, from organizations ranging in size from one to 5,000+. As to frequency of incivility, most of the respondents relayed that they recieve formal or informal complaints about Incivility (as defined above), on a regular basis, up to 15 times in a six months’ period.

I had the privilege of presenting the survey’s results at the 2011 Health Work and Wellness conference in downtown Toronto on the very day of publication in the HR Reporter. I dare say that the audience was hugely impacted by these findings (and other eye-opening information related to workplace incivility which I was pleased to share).

So please do stick around, more to come next week!


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