Incivility Risk: Time to Connect the Dots (2)

We’re back with the hot-off-the-press of the first ever cross-Canada survey on workplace incivility!

As seen from HR’s unique vantage point, incivility is exceedingly damaging to business. An overwhelming majority of our 308 respondents `strongly agreed’ or `somewhat agreed’ that incivility has a significant negative effect on crucial organizational indicators.

Here’s where they saw its impact…  ready for some striking data? here goes:

  • Effects on productivity: 92% observed that incivility had negative effects in this domain.
  • Customer service: 72% noted impact in the arena.
  • Absenteeism: 79%
  • Talent retention: 78%
  • Interdepartmental collaboration: 90%
  • Damage to brand reputation: 52%

These figures tell us that incivility poses a tangible risk to organizations. Previous U.S.-based research has already pointed to a relationship between incivility and similar organizational indicators, however our survey’s high figures go well beyond what has been previously observed. What respondents relayed is that this seemingly benign form of bad behaviour comes with hefty price tags. When your brand is eroding, customers are going elsewhere, you’re having difficulty attracting and retaining talent and the cost of sick leaves is rising, your capacity to carry out the organization’s objectives is severely hampered.

Given this, you’d naturally assume that organizations, and their HR professionals, would be busy dealing with this risk head on. You’d surely expect them to be equipped with the necessary skills and confidence, right?

Well, wrong again.

Stay tuned to hear what organizations do in response to incivility!


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