Are HR Real Humans?

People love to hate HR.

This is especially true during organizational transitions – cutbacks, layoffs, and downsizing.

Several days ago, a fine HR professional working for a long-time client of mine, described what it’s like to be on the HR side of `the big divide’ during tough financial times.

People avoid her as though she were infected with a communicable disease.

She dreads the cafeteria, where she sees faces that she already knows will not be there for long.

People make funny remarks to her, except that nothing about those remarks is even remotely amusing.

She’s stressed and alone and contemplating leaving her job. Her sole refuge is with her HR colleagues, all of whom are going through similar experiences.

So, in the final analysis, are HR professionals actually human, like the rest us? You betcha!

Well then, here’s a thought: next time you encounter one of `those people’ at times of organizational crunches, consider this: the real breathing, living human beings that happen to have chosen HR as a profession – they too could use some support and a bit of camaraderie….

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