Byron Katie Recommended

I have just returned from nine days of studying with an enlightened teacher and I can’t wait to share the fruits of my experience with you!

Byron Katie (known as`Katie’) offers a deceivingly simple method for understanding the often-misguided ways of the mind and experiencing relief from our `stories’, stress and suffering.

Those of you have followed my work know that I have consistently, for years, tried to learn and teach ways for developing personal resilience. You may have heard me saying that the mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. You’ve heard me talk about the `drama’, the stories we weave which get us into infinite trouble.

Well, Katie’s work offers the most powerful tool I have encountered for untangling some of these challenges. If you are looking to transform your life, thinking, work and relationships, I highly recommend visiting her website, viewing her work on YouTube or – best of all – attending one of her events. (As a declaimer, please know that I get absolutely no benefit from making this endorsement!)

My initial exposure to The Work, as it is called, was for my own personal development. But inevitably I saw infinite applications of the method to organizational life. And so, I am thrilled and excited to let you know that over the next while I will begin incorporating The Work into my work with my organizational and individual clients.

Stay tuned!

(Note added in December 2012: Since writing this post in 2010, I had indeed on many occasions used key elements of The Work in workshops and faciliations in many organizations, and have repeatedly enjoyed the privilege  of seeing it work its magic. If you’d like to explore how The Work might help with your organization’s or team’s challenges, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for your free consultation.)

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