How Attractive Are You?

New research published in the Journal of Economic Psychology shows that attractive people earn an average of 12% more than people who are perceived as less attractive.

The main reason for this, as found in the research, is that attractive people seem to generate cooperation among co-workers more easily. They are perceived to be more helpful, which leads others to behave in more cooperative ways when working with them. 

The numbers are unambiguous: 39% of attractive people (both men and women) were judged to be helpful, compared to 16% of mid-attractive people, and only 6% of unattractive people.

In this blog, I previously commented on the importance of developing a stellar personal brand, and I included there a recommendation to manage your appearance and outfits to fit with your brand.

Little did I know then that such efforts could lead to amazing, measurable differences in income and colleague responses!

So you can guess what my next question will be, right? What do YOU need to do (today!) in order to make your appearance more attractive?

Hey, it may very well be worth the effort.

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