Are you an RHB?

In the spirit of celebrating Canadian diversity….

The Jewish New Year is upon us. During this High Holy Days season, Jewish persons are required to reflect deeply on their actions over the past year and apologize (up to three times!) to anyone they may have offended or hurt over the last 12 months. 

Consider this: if we all were to engage in this type of annual soul-searching, we’d likely need to apologize to a mighty long list of people! So why not manage yourself to begin with in ways that will avoid the need to apologize later?

This is where maintaining your `RHB designation’ comes into the picture.

A number of years ago I met someone at a conference who was sporting on his lapel a button that said “RHB”. Turns out he got this at another conference, where everyone was encouraged to add these initials beside their names, just like you would any other degree or designation you’ve earned.

Except that this particular initial is one that we have to earn, day in and day out. It stands for “REAL HUMAN BEING”.

So here’s a little reflection exercise, a-la-the-Jewish-High-Holy-Days tradition:

  1. Jot down 3-5 ways in which you are already legitimately entitled to add the RHB initials beside your name. Then figure out ways to do more of that.
  2. Write down three things you could get better at in order to live up to your RHB designation. Then go do it!

And in the next blog entry, you’ll discover seven practical ways to practice your RHB skills AT WORK.

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