Seven Ups to an RHB Degree

Well, if you’re intent on maintaining your designation as an RHB (Real Human Being), here are `seven ups’ you may want to practice regularly at work:

  1. Speak Up. When you see an injustice done or something happening that shouldn’t be, don’t revert to the excuse of `being nice’. Instead, speak up.
  2. Shut Up. There’s a time to speak and a time to shut up. Know the difference, and don’t talk when it can be hurtful.
  3. Lift Up. Lift your colleagues, employees or superiors up when they are down or stressed. And yes, do that even if you too are just as down or stressed yourself.
  4. Fess Up. When you screw up, own your contribution. Apologize, fix it, and move on.
  5. Step Up. Be a leader in your own unique way. You can be a shy introvert and still `step up’ and rise to whatever reality it is that requires you to be a real human.
  6. Team Up. If you’re part of a team (and who isn’t?), pull your weight. Contribute, give credit, share generously. Don’t withhold information or hoard power.
  7. Lighten Up. Relax, stop taking things so personally. Whatever happened or whatever it is that someone said or did, it’s really not the end of the world. Spray some teflon on yourself, smile, and move on.

If you practice these `ups’ regularly, chances are that most everyone around you will readily agree that you deserve your RHB designation!

(P.S. A little `promotional’ note here: we offer keynotes and workshops that are based on various `seven ups’. Don’t hesitate to ask us for details.)

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