Free Offer! (Yes, It’s True)

“They don’t work hard enough”. “I did it wrong”. “My efforts aren’t appreciated”. “They’re rude”. “They’re going to screw this initiative up”. “There’s too much on my plate”.

Sound familiar?

If you’ve ever thought these type of thoughts (and who doesn’t!), please keep reading.

The work of Byron Katie (known as `The Work’) offers a powerful method for exploring any limiting thoughts and assumptions that drive behaviour and decision making processes. When doing The Work, people often experience shifts in their outlook, behaviour and overall effectiveness. These changes can be dramatic and transformative. In fact, I have personally experienced many such changes as a result of doing it myself.

Over the past year I have introduced elements of The Work to various organizational groups, with great results. For example, one leadership group chose to explore a concept which they all shared: “Our employees have a sense of entitlement”. During the process of inquiring into this concept, they realized that those very same ‘problematic’ employees were actually deeply committed in countless ways. These leaders were unable to see the employees as they truly were because they were trapped in the notion of ‘sense of entitlement’. While under the influence of this concept, the leaders were often suspicious, ungenerous and unsupportive. Furthermore, the process of inquiry revealed the many ways in which the leaders themselves had an inflated ‘sense of entitlement’!

Once they were able to see how this concept hindered their thinking, many things began shifting:  work relationships changed, engagement was enhanced and new ideas emerged for customer service.

Seeing the tremendous potential that this method offers, I am eager to introduce it to as many organizations and people as possible. As part of my commitment to this, I would like to extend the following offer to all of you…. are you ready?


If you believe that your organization or team would benefit from taking your assumptions, relationships or decisions to a different level of effectiveness, Bar-David Consulting will be glad to provide your team with a half-day facilitation experience based on The Work. We will custom-build an experience that will be fitted exactly to your needs and deliver it at absolutely no cost to you.

This offer applies to the first three people who contact us. So if you’re interested, it may be a good idea to Take Action ASAP.

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