How to Create a Winning Resume and Protect Yourself from Organizational Downsizing.

Downsizing and other change-related perils might hit you any time. A healthy measure of ‘paranoia’ is a must-have in today’s world, and change-hardy people have strong resumes that are always ready to go. A sparkly CV will provide you with career agility, not to mention that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know your affairs are in order.

Alas, working with thousands of people in many industries, I learned firsthand that the vast majority of working folks had not touched their resume in ages (are you one of them?).

Well, you might want to re-think this state of affairs. A strong resume will increase your confidence in yourself and give you a sense of strength and choice. And if and when change hits, you’ll be in a strong position.

Here’s my two cents on three must-do’s for creating a winning resume:

  • Make sure that your unique character ‘jumps out of the page’. Many resumes provide a ‘shopping list’ of accomplishments that does not provide the reader with a strong sense of who you are. For example, if you’re very or meticulous, or energetic, or a great collaborator – these qualities should ooze from the text and subliminally impact the reader with the right impression.
  • Include all the things that you’ve done over the years which were not part of the formal or routine requirements of the job. This includes, for example, special projects or workplace volunteer activities.
  • Get three people to review your resume. First, a colleague who knows your work well and who will be able to point out any information gaps. Second, a person with a keen eye for language and a good way with words that will introduce flare and power into the wordsmithing. And finally, a career specialist who will provide a professional perspective (often your EAP program will offer free access to a career consultant). wordsmith

Now, just go out there and get it done –good luck!

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