Conference Board of Canada Hosts Webinar Featuring Sharone Bar-David.

On February 16th 2016, Sharone Bar-David will share her insights and offer real-life strategies on how to tame workplace incivility during a live, 60-minute Conference Board of Canada webinar.

The Conference Board of Canada is a leading non-profit think tank dedicated to researching, analyzing and reporting on economic trends, organizational performance and public policy issues. Its mandate is to provide evidence-based insight and information dedicated to making Canada more economically and socially dynamic and competitive.

During this interactive webinar, entitled Trust your Inner Canary: Taming Workplace Incivility, Bar-David will shed light on what incivility is and how it persists despite the damage it causes. Participants will learn about the underlying beliefs that allow incivility to exist, as well as the impact that it has on motivation, productivity and talent retention.

Using real-life workplace examples, Bar-David will offer compelling strategies guaranteed to inspire leaders at all levels to confidently identify incivility, prevent it and change workplace culture.

As Canada’s leading expert on workplace incivility, Bar-David has worked with more than 30 thousand people through training sessions, coaching and keynotes speeches. Her ability to “tell it like it is” provides leaders with effective tools and strategies to help tame incivility.

For webinar registration details, click here. We are pleased to share that the Conference Board has graciously extended a 50% discount off the $199 webinar fee to people in Bar-David Consulting’s network. If you or a colleague are interested in attending, just let us know and we will provide you with the coupon details.


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