Workplace Incivility

Micro-Inequities, Bias, and Incivility I sometimes get asked about the relationship between micro-inequity and workplace incivility. With current racial tensions and police bias in … read more

Hop, Skip, and Leap to Conclusions! Do people really intend to be dismissive, belittling or inconsiderate when they engage in those seemingly insignificant behaviours that we … read more

Three More No-Nos for New Leaders I’ve been thinking lately about the unique trials and tribulations of taking on a leadership role for the first time, … read more

Ah, Those Juicy Swear Words Recently my work took me to several organizations in different industries that had one notable thing in common: the accepted … read more

Incivility, Creativity, Innovation If your organization or team relies on innovation or creative problem solving for its success, then you have a vested … read more

Will Civility Destroy All the Fun? “This is one of those emails that you type to blow off steam and then erase as a ‘boy I … read more

Okay, So You’ve Messed Up Recently I found myself in a bit of hot water. My well-intentioned attempt to keep a fast-moving situation from getting … read more

What Does a “Constructive” Response Actually Mean? For several years I’ve been doing my own informal qualitative research: I usually start training sessions by describing a workplace … read more

Three Good Wishes In January of this year I offered my thoughts on three things to do in 2015. Now, as the world struggles to … read more

Ten Mental Barriers to Stepping Up If you have refrained from taking action to deal with incivility in your workplace, you must have had good reasons … read more


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