Bar-David Consulting Launches New Program, “How on Earth Do I Handle This?”


One thing is certain: people-leaders will inevitably be called upon to deal with respect-related situations.

Whether it is incivility, harassment, bullying, or any other counterproductive behaviour that disrupts the workplace, these respect-related situations are exceedingly challenging to diagnose — and equally difficult to handle successfully.

The stakes are high:  if handled incorrectly, the ramifications can be far-reaching for the leader, for the psychological health of employees, for productivity, talent retention, and morale.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of this unique program, designed specifically to share the golden standard strategies that really work. We know they work because we developed and tested these ideas over and over in the past decade, with numerous leaders in organizations of all sectors. This program provides the proven tools needed to successfully handle the  most common respect-related challenges that leaders encounter on a regular basis.

Plus, the program introduces participants to Sharone Bar-David’s proprietary Bad Behaviour @ Work Severity Continuum. This model helps participants confidently and with poise (yes, it can be done) navigate their way through ambiguous situations and complex realities.

The program is offered in a keynote version and a training version.


Contact us to discuss how this new program can assist you.


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