Public Sector Digest’s Leadership Issue Features Sharone Bar-David.

In its annual Spring 2016 issue on leadership, Public Sector Digest featured an in-depth article on workplace incivility by industry expert Sharone Bar-David. In her article, entitled “Leaders, Mind Your Broken Windows or Pay the Price of Workplace Incivility,” Bar-David discusses common missteps in leadership that play a role in creating workplace incivility and describes the palpable effects of incivility on teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. She suggests a multipronged strategy to building a psychologically safe organizational or team culture, founded on a window-minding approach—a strategy that boosts civility in civil service (and beyond).

Public Sector Digest is a quarterly research publication dedicated to shedding light on matters critically relevant to the managerial capacity of private and public sectors. The magazine reaches more than 140,000 readers in all three levels of Canadian government. It relies on a network of highly accomplished researchers, authors and experts from world-class organizations spanning 20 countries.


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