Sharone Bar-David to Address CMHA Executive Directors’ Forum.

On September 25th 2015, Sharone Bar-David will address Executive Directors from Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) branches across Canada on the link between workplace incivility, employee mental health and company productivity.   The session is designed to inspire participants to feel, think and act differently with regards to workplace civility and what they can and should do to tame incivility. It will offer cutting-edge information to help attendees grasp key issues and equip them with meaningful strategies.

In this exclusive forum, Executive Directors of CMHA branches convene to discuss all matters that contribute to the success of their respective organizations.

In recent years, CMHA has been tackling mental health in the workplace head on, providing resources, support and training to businesses and organizations concerned about the mental health of their employees. True to its mission, CMHA is committed to creating exemplary work environments for its own employees as well.

An engaging speaker and a leading expert in the field, Sharone Bar-David has had the privilege of working extensively with a number of CMHA branches (with resulting positive client feedback). In this session, she will focus on how workplace incivility not only affects employee mental health but the overall wellbeing of a business or organization.

The event will also introduce the Respect-on-the-Go™ toolkits, developed by Bar-David Consulting. The first of their kind, the kits provide employers, leaders and staff with practical strategies to successfully manage a range of challenging respect-related issues.


If your organization would like Bar-David Consulting to speak at your next event or would like information on how to create a respectful workplace, please contact us anytime.


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