Sharone Bar-David Interviewed by Athena Alliance Radio on Tools for Creating Respectful Workplaces.

On October 22nd, Athena Radio Blog interviewed Sharone Bar-David on the challenges related to the creation of respectful work environments.

The interview focused on the compelling business case for maintaining respect in the workplace and the ways in which such workplaces are good for business. When people are free of the stress and fear that emerge from incivility, harassment and bullying, they can perform at their best. Furthermore, they remain loyal, engaged, and healthy. Bottom line? Respectful workplaces are a win-win for all.

In the course of the interview, Sharone outlined the range of ‘bad behaviours at work’ and offered clear distinctions between incivility, harassment, and bullying. She also discussed how abrasive leaders affect the workplace and what can be done to assist such leaders to change their behaviour, so that they too can perform at their best.

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Click here to listen to the full interview.


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