Life Balance

The Science on Stress and Depression Science has now proven what you may have already been thinking or experiencing, and certainly what I’ve been saying for … read more

Holidays Blessings The holiday season and the year 2010 are descending upon us. For many of you who work in different organizational … read more

The Urgency Addiction September is here, and it’s time to prepare to defend against that big bad thief, the Urgency Addiction. This term, … read more

Boosting Resilience Series, Part 3 (video) Consider this: have you ever found yourself regretting the moment that you said `yes’ rather than politely declining? (and no, this … read more

Boosting Resilience Series, Part 2 (video) If you’re feeling out of sorts, tired, or even asking yourself tough questions about how meaningful your existence really is, … read more

Boosting Resilience Series, Part 1 (video) Maintaining personal resilience is a life-long challenge. This is especially true when we face changes in the organizations we’re part … read more

Questions that Simplify Having just returned from a marvellous vacation visiting old friends in Southern France, I’ve had an opportunity to re-observe how … read more

Traffic and Stress New German research found that heart attack victims are three times more likely to have been in heavy traffic within … read more

Holiday Resilience Tips Many people find the holiday season stressful, not to mention the current financial climate! In fact, the stress levels are … read more

Nurses, Stress, Sex The sex life of British nurses is suffering as a result of ongoing stress. Nursing Times magazine surveyed almost 2,000 … read more


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